Yay Spring!!!! Flowers, sunshine, warmer weather and starting the garden!

Every year I plant a vegetable garden, and every year I say to myself “I really need to buy some garden markers, instead of using the little plastic ones that come in the containers”. I finally got around to getting some garden markers, however I decided to make them.

Here is how I did it.

Step 1: Gather some rocks from the neighborhood.

We live on a street that is still building homes so we just walked down and found some random rocks.

Step 2: Draw your outline in pencil.

Don’t worry about perfection because you will be painting over the pencil marks.

Step 3: Start painting!


I had some paint laying around from kids crafts. The paint is from the dollar store but feel free to use what you have. I used a sharpie to draw the outline and the words once the paint was dry.


Step 4: Add a protective coating.

Once your paint is fully dry spray with a clear outdoor multi surface paint. I used Krylon. Once the first coat is dry spray on another coat (follow package directions for best results).


Step 5: Place in garden and enjoy!





What other creative ways have you enhanced your garden?