I know it is not quite summer yet,but I am sooooo…. ready for it! Because I have summer on my mind I decided to create a “Summer Bucket List”. Tweet This


My Summer Bucket-list:

  1. Go For A Bike Ride


I bought a new bike about 2 years ago and unfortunately I have not used it as much as I would like. Not only is it good exercise but it is a great way to explore where you live. Plus if I actually use my bike, maybe my hubby will stop chirping me about it sitting and collecting dust.



2. Build An Epic Sand Castle At The Beachsandcastle

I am going to be at the beach anyways! Why not try to make a cool sandcastle.



3. Go For Hiketrail

I am lucky enough to live by a great provincial park with beautiful trails. There are also a few that are a short drive. Check out your area, you may be surprised. https://www.ontarioparks.com/



road trip

4. Go On A Road Trip With No Specific Destination

Go on a mini adventure with your family and/or friends! See were you end up and just enjoy the views and the time together!



5. Explore Somewhere Newexplore

When you go on that road trip or hike, don’t be afraid to explore somewhere you have never been. Last year we went to Tobermory here in Ontario (pictured above from our visit). It is a beautiful place and would definitely recommend visiting. Check it out here http://tobermory.com/



fest6. Attend A Festival Or Outdoor Concert

Again I am lucky enough to live close to some great summer festivals. Above are some of my favourites that I try to attend. I have also volunteered at a festival, it is a great way to attend it for free 😉


7. Go See A Drive-In Moviedrive in

I haven’t been to a drive-in years! I know the kids would love it too! I really want to scratch this one off the list!


l8. Fly A Kite


I love flying kites and I love crafts, so when I found this DIY kite instructions on Pinterest it just made perfect sense to add it to my bucket list! Visit Inner Child Fun to play along, there is even a how to video!




9. Visit A Farmers Marketmarket

What is there not to love about fresh fruit and veggies!? Go check out your local market and support your local farmers.



10. Find The Perfect Sundress


Ahhhh…. sundresses, so comfy and flowy. Really they just go hand in hand with summer. The challenge is finding one that is right for me. Let the hunt begin!




11. Make Homemade PopsiclesPopsicle, Ice Cream, Treat, Dessert, Holding, Person

Another pinterest find! I remember having popsicle molds as a child, however I have never made them as an adult. My neighbor made them last summer and they looked great, so this summer I want to give them a go. Visit Sally’s Baking Addiction if you want to make them as well. I found some molds on amazon, you can click the link below to get yours!


12. Go Berry Picking

berryOk so I have actually never been berry picking. I now have a place to go about 2 minutes away from me. So no excuses this year, I will be scratching this off my list!



13 .Have A Water Fightwater

To me this is one of the best ways to cool down on a hot sunny day! You can use water guns, water balloons or anything else that can hold water! Have fun, I know I will 😉




14. Plant A Tree

My daughter and I usually plant trees every year and this year will be no exception. My community has tree planting days frequently. Check out your area to see if there are any                                                       events near you.                         https://www.tdtreedays.com/en-ca/blogs/491#.V05ObvkrLrc



15. Attend A Live Sporting Eventspotrs

Whether it is a local team, national team, or the big leagues, go see the action. For anyone that knows me I am not the biggest fan of sports but I always enjoy seeing it live (Mostly for the soft pretzels).




16.Go Star Gazing

Whether it is on one of your adventures or in your back yard, take the time to sit back on a clear night and look into the sky. What do you see?http://www.wikihow.com/Stargaze



17. Watch The Sunsetsunset

I think I can kill two birds with one stone. I can watch the sunset and then star gaze! Sounds like a date night idea if you ask me.





18.Patio Drinks

How do you know when summer has officially started? When you drive by patios downtown and they are all full of people enjoy a drinks with friends. Head to your favorite watering hole and make                                                          some memories.



19. Go Campingcamp

We usually go camping every summer at one of the provincial parks. I don’t think we will have time this year but if it comes to it I will just put a tent up in our backyard and camp there.



thrift20. Go Yard Sale Shopping

I love a good deal and the feeling of finding something spectacular. Check your local paper to see what upcoming yard sales there are near you.




Thanks for checking out my bucket list! What is on your list this summer?



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